The Search for Beta Readers

****Looking for Beta Readers**** What is a beta reader you ask? Well, a beta reader reads an advanced copy of a book and offers their opinion on the content. They are not being asked to edit the book, that is what editors are for, and I already have the most amazing on one the world … Continue reading The Search for Beta Readers

Samie Sands #ReanimatedWriter Interviews

Samie Sands Amazon Page What are your published works, and what are you working on? In the zombie genre, I currently have the AM13 Outbreak series, published by Limitless  Publishing. That consists of Lockdown, Forgotten, and Extinct (in that order, although they can be read as standalone). The prequel to the series, detailing where the virus actually … Continue reading Samie Sands #ReanimatedWriter Interviews

A.D. Popvich #ReanimatedWriters Interviews

  Only The Dead Don't Die Amazon Link What are your published works, and what are you working on? I have only written and published one novel “Only the Dead Don’t Die.” I’m currently working on book two of what I’m calling The Dead Series, “Only the Dead Don’t Lie.” If someone was just hearing … Continue reading A.D. Popvich #ReanimatedWriters Interviews

#ReanimatedWriters Interviews

This is your one stop shop for all of the #ReanimatedWriters Interviews (Check back often for updates!) Mike Peirce (January 22 2017) Daniel Humphreys (January 29, 2017) Josiah Upton (February 5, 2017) Alessia Giacomi (February 12, 2017) E.E. Isherwood (February 19, 2017) Marilyn Peake (February 26, 2017) A.D. Popvich (March 5, 2017) Samie Sands (March … Continue reading #ReanimatedWriters Interviews

Dreaming Big, and Winning

2017, the year I get serious The Leighgendarium held the 2017 flash fiction contest open to published authors. The prizes were the biggest motivator for me to enter. The Many Afterlives of John Robert Thompson is complete, and off at the editor. A cover by Molly Phillips at We Got You Covered, formatting by Kevin G. Summers, editing by Crystal … Continue reading Dreaming Big, and Winning

Marilyn Peake #ReanimatedWriters Interview What are your published works, and what are you working on? My 30th publication was released today (January 31st). I write in a variety of genres, mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy. My zombie books are actually just as much Science Fiction and Genetic Engineering as they are Zombie Fiction. Last week, the DARK LEGENDS … Continue reading Marilyn Peake #ReanimatedWriters Interview

Call for Submissions: Anthology

Insult to the Written Word Publishing announces our first ever anthology, Mad Like Me: Tales of Tormented Minds (This is a mock up of the cover idea.) Stories need to be around 4,000 words when complete, and center around the theme of insanity or madness. Deadlines are as follows, and are not flexible. March 15th, … Continue reading Call for Submissions: Anthology